Inti Housing Co-op

1675 Cypress St., Vancouver, BC V6J 3L4

Application process

The process begins with a screening of all of the most longstanding applications on file for the size of suite being vacated. Criteria for inclusion include the ability to pay the housing charges (which should not exceed one third of the applicants' income) and some evidence of the applicants' suitability for co-op living (e.g., volunteer experience). This initial phase is necessary given that we often receive one or more applications five days of each week!

All suitable applicants are invited to attend a suite viewing followed by an orientation in which they are apprised of the importance of their contribution to the well-being of the co-op. Applicants are invited to ask questions and many screen themselves out at this point. Of the remaining interested applicants, we select a maximum of three individuals, couples, or families for an interview. In this way, we successfully identify stellar new members who enhance Inti.