Inti Housing Co-op

1675 Cypress St., Vancouver, BC V6J 3L4

Inti Housing Co-op

Inti Co-op was founded in 1984. Ours is a small, friendly co-op which means that contact with your neighbours is important. Membership is best suited to people seeking to be part of a community.

All members are expected to volunteer their time and skills to contribute to the smooth running of the co-op.

There are no subsidies available.

Applying for membership

Applying for the first time?
Please download and complete the application form. Return the completed form by mail with a one-time $25.00 registration fee made payable to Inti Housing Co-operative. Mail the form to:

Inti Co-op
1675 Cypress St.
Vancouver, BC V6J 3L4

Your bank record that we have cashed your cheque is our acknowledgement of receipt of your application. Applications received with the registration fee will be kept on file for one year. It is important that you contact us annually to let us know that you are still interested in remaining on the list. Please re-send an updated application form every January (to ensure we have your latest financial information) and a cover letter indicating what year you first applied and the suite size (1/2/3/4 bedroom) that you applied for. Keep us informed of any changes in address, income, or unit preference (i.e. family size) when applicable.

We ask that you please not contact us more often since this creates a high workload for committee members. Thank you for your consideration.

What happens after you submit your application?

Please remember to include on your application: the date and your email address.

Bedroom type Number of units
1 Bedroom 6
2 Bedroom 6
3 Bedroom 6
4 Bedroom 2
Total 20